Personal Loan Tips

Getting a personal has never been easier. Whether it’s your child’s marriage or that dream vacation you’ve always wanted. Your just a personal loan away from your desires. In addition to that the loan process has also become so much more easier and customer-friendly. So instead of waiting and saving over years, experience now and […]

Personal Loan Partners

HDFC Bank HDFC Bank Limited is an Indian financial services company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra that was incorporated in August 1994. HDFC Bank is the fifth largest bank in India by assets and the largest bank by market capitalization as of 1 November 2012. ICICI Bank ICICI Bank Limited is a multinational financial services company […]


Compare Personal Loan Interest Rates  Personal loan offerings differ from different bank providers, however the fundamental principle does not change. Personal loan interest rates vary depending on a number of factors such as: Employment Type: Personal loan interest rates differ for salaried and non-salaried personnel, considering non salaried personnel can pose risky investment possibilities Company […]

Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

Personal loan eligibility depends upon various factors which differ from bank to bank. The main factor of course, is your ability to repay the loan. Banks that offer personal loans have stringent eligibility criteria and typically maintain profiles in terms of residence and your workplace. For example banks assess your repayment capacity with the kind of organisation […]

Loan Against Property Tips

Loan against Property (LAP) refers to a secured loan category somewhat like a home loan where the borrower provides guarantee by using his property as security. The right of ownership of the property is still with the borrower, and if for some reason, the borrower is unable to repay the loan amount, the property can always […]

Loan Against Property Partners

HamaraBank Loans India’s largest loan distributor has a large portfolio of partner banks and financial institutions: Loan against property (LAP), are basically loans provided by banks against the security of one’s own property. LAP is designed to meet the financial needs of someone who already owns a house or multiple properties so as to get […]

Unsecured Dropline Overdraft

Dropline overdraft is a facility granted to you where you can overdraw your current account up to an agreed limit. Overdraft is an efficient form of borrowing as you pay interest only for the time you use the money. It gives you flexibility. You can at any time deposit money into the account to reduce the […]

Loan Against Property Eligibility Criteria

Loan Against Property Eligibility Criteria Some of the Eligibility Criteria when applying for a Loan Against Property Are As Follows Income • Age (min. 21 years) • Property Valuation • Existing Liabilities (if any) • Current Work Experience • Financial Documents • Number of Dependants The eligibility for LAP is calculated on basis of either […]